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Be My Baby Lite - Andrea  Smith


Oh Trey. You bad boy. I understand that he was as devastated by the lose of Marley as Tylar was, but working more and being emotionally and physically unfaithful wasn't the way to go. When Tylar watches him do the things he does to sooth her to that horrible woman, I could feel her hurt through the pages of the book. I was so upset. I was mad at everyone for how they were treating Tylar. She kept saying she wasn't feeling well. She kept telling her friend that this woman in her husband's life was out to get him. But everyone just blew her off as if she was overly emotional and high strung. But when everything Tylar feared came to pass, my heart went out to her. 

And just when things seemed to be straightening out, more tragedy rears its ugly head. 

Again, I loved this series. It was different from the G-Man series in that it was more epic and all about the couple in question and the history that comes back to haunt Tylar, whether she knows its there or not.

I couldn't put the iPad down while reading this series.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/770964298