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Awaken - Nina Lane


In this final installment of the marriage between Dean and Olivia West, things have definitely evolved. Olivia has a new business with her friend and Dean is dealing with a spiteful student, Maggie, who has accused him of improprieties in oder to get her own way. 

Dean leaves town on an excavation in Italy, not only to give Olivia some time, but to also stay out of the line of fire from Maggie. This is the first time that he doesn't have a plan or control of the outcome in his life. But, he and Olivia seem to get closer and closer, through their "dates" over the phone and during his return trips home. 

But when Olivia's very manipulative mother comes to visit, Dean is afraid she may take Olivia away. But Olivia isn't the woman who needs to be taken care of and protected anymore. She's growing into the woman she's always wanted to be, which is nothing like her mother. Her absence from Dean is allowing her to learn to stand up for herself and find out who she would have been without him and who she wants to be in their marriage. 

The time in the hotel "dating" was so sweet and HOT at the same time.


Dean's desire to protect Olivia at all cost, even to his marriage made me a little nuts, but I liked how he had to learn to evolve with the relationship and even take a step back from being so over protective. 

This series was hard for me because the first book was a little hard to get into . I just felt like it was all internal dialogue between the two with the back and forth between their past and present. I was most angry with Dean as I felt like half of their problems could have been resolved if he'd just spoken up and said what he felt. But I guess he behaved the way a lot of men do, which is probably why I'm still single. I need communication... LOL

But each in each book the relationship grew and matured and became what they both needed from each other, which makes this a great series and went from such a dramatic low rating to this high rating.

I would definitely recommend this series and preface to anyone to just get through the first one as it is a set up to much more emotion and drama to come, with some great and hot chemistry between this lovely couple.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/820851501