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Otherwise Unharmed (Evan Arden) - Shay Savage

After the events of Otherwise Occupied , Evan is now with Lia. She comes to the prison where his therapist, Mark, asks her to help him sleep by staying with him. Evan is able to gain a little perspective on what happened and why he did what he did. But now he's more focused on getting out of prison and being with Lia. Before he's able to, he's approached by an FBI agent, who wants Evan to turn in evidence agains Mr. Rinaldo. Evan won't do that and tells, Trent he will go work for Mr. Rinaldo's rival, Greco, and get evidence on him. 

Trent gets Evan out of jail, and Evan spends most of his time not only reacquainting himself with Lia, but trying to stay away from Rinaldo and his people so he can complete his task and take Lia away.

Quickly, things turn bad and Evan realizes that he can't keep his past from Lia, what he's up to from Rinaldo and something from his past comes to seek revenge for a perceived wrong. Soon Lia's drawn into Evan's world despite all his attempt to keep her clear of it all. But their love bridges a gap between their different worlds and they come out stronger together.

I have to admit, I couldn't see how Evan was not only going to be able to keep from going to prison, but how he was going to get out of any of it alive. I love when he thought, She was everything I needed, and I was fucking poison to her. I'd known it since the beginning, but I'd been too selfish to push her away. 

I loved how the author brought these two completely different people together to heal and help each other. Lia stood by her man no matter what he threw at her about who he was, what he had endured as a child and what he'd done and continued to do as an adult. She'd been through a dysfunctional and borderline abusive relationship, but she saw a different person in Evan. She realized he was someone who would never hurt her.

The sex between the two was HOT and I thought that this relationship was interestingly woven between really getting to know the drama and the life of Evan. 

The only reason I'm not giving this a full 5 stars is because I thought there were holes in the fact that Evan was never very careful about his kills the fact that the only DNA he left was on the actor, is beyond me. The fact that he never wiped anything down, yet there were no fingerprint where the police knew who he was didn't make much since to me. As a former Marine, his fingerprints should have been on file. I mean no one ever brought up the fact that after the actor was killed in the second book this guy just disappeared? All they had to do was get his prints from either his or the guys room. Anyway, I digress. I still loved and and rooted for Evan even knowing who he was and what he would continue to do if he was able. He only stopped for Lia.

That's the sign of a good story, when you are able to put aside your moral code to love the very flawed hero.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/831613535