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Love this couple!

Storm Ravaged - Magda Alexander


The story resumes three months after Storm Damaged after(view spoiler) Elizabeth breaks up with him, not telling him her secret and letting him think she betrayed him. But he no longer has any memory of "Liz" and is now sporting a cane to support the limp due to his accident. Gabriel does a great job of hiding his lost memory from her, until after he informs her he knows about the baby due to his sister Brianna telling him about their relationship. 

Though Gabriel doesn't remember her, he still knows how to make her body sing and Elizabeth is helpless to deny him. Their passion is electric. 


And as their relationship grows, you begin to believe they could make a go of it, if it weren't for them both being stubborn in their positions and not communicating. But too much has happened and they are both afraid of giving too much too the there for fear of loosing what that tentatively have.

Turns out Gabriel is not only a product of his upbringing, he's more like his mother than he even realizes, manipulating people and situations to get what he wants. When he finally does remember everything, he is more determined that Elizabeth will do and be exactly what he wants from her. A mother to their son and a wife to him, living in London, all while ignoring her needs and wants. Until things come to a head and Elizabeth decides she can only bend so far before she has to be the woman she is.

I was on pins and needles the entire time reading this book. There was HOT sex, there were machinations behind the scenes. There was attempted murder, surprising reveals, dismissals of loyal employees and friends and total intrigue. 

After his accident, it was like Gabriel broke. He lost part of himself when Elizabeth left him in Storm Damaged . To the point that his same attraction to her wasn't as immediate as it was the first time around. He knew there was something about her that drew him in and he soon understood what it was about her that must have captivated him the first time, but it took a moment. At first it was all about getting what he wanted, and that was her to marry him to legitimize his heir. That soon grew into him wanting to protect her and the baby from outside forces and then him wanting her as his wife for always. 

Once he regained him memory and again thought she had betrayed him, though she told him why she lied, he changed again and was more demanding and manipulative to keep her by his side.

Elizabeth on the other hand, was a little whinny, which is why I didn't give the book a full 5 stars. I loved that she had a plan in life and I appreciated that she worked hard and found it hard to adjust when life and love got in the way of that plan. But she just kept driving it home, which I believe made Gabriel more desperate to be manipulative and keep her the way he wanted her. I feel like she was adjusting to the idea of being a wife and mother, but his crazy schemes that always came to light, caused her to feel like she was being kept in gilded cage. I think she could have taken a little more time and care to make him understand her point of view, but then it wouldn't be this relationship if it wasn't for his Alpha ways her her determination to be her own woman and nothing like her mother.

I was freaking out on the last page. (view spoiler)

Magda does a great job with cliffy's. I don't like them, but in the case of this series, it definitely ratchets up my anxiety and anticipation for the next book. I want and need the next book so badly. I need to know what's happening next. Hopefully it won't be that long until the next book.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/836902667