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Move the Sun (Signal Bend Series) - Susan Fanetti


Lillian "Lilli" Accardo, after a lifetime of loss, moves to Signal Bend, Missouri for a job she has to do. She's been through a lot in her past and is all alone in the world until she comes to Signal Bend. She will have to learn to trust and let someone else in to help and try to protect her.


Night Horde Motorcycle Club President and town protector, Isaac Lunden is immediately attracted to this outsider, yet curious about her being there. Because no one moves "to" Signal Bend. Though he's not sure if she's there for he, his brothers and their meth protection operation, done to keep the failing small town afloat. Despite what she says, he can't stop himself for falling for this feisty, strong young woman.


Lilli and Isaac get close quickly and the thing he thought he would never want is the only thing he can think about. Keeping Lilli safe and maker her his old lady. But Lilli has secrets and until he can find out exactly what she's doing in town, he's not sure he can trust her, no matter how much he's falling in love with her.

But when Isaac's trust in his brothers is betrayed, his actions could the the thing that causes him to lose the woman he loves.

I loved Lilli at first. She was tough and strong. She knew her mind and could handle herself in any situation. Isaac, who was a big, country man, quick to temper, didn't know what to do with this woman who could not only stand up to him, but charm the pant off his MC bothers, who only thought women were good for one thing. She quickly gained the respect of most of them and held her own with those who didn't succumb to her charms quickly.

I loved most of this book. I loved the banter between Lilli and Isaac, whom called "Sport." I loved how she stood up to him and anyone else who got in her way. I loved how smart she was and I loved how she could adapt to almost any situation.

I loved how Isaac got her, fell for her and decided he was going to do everything he could to not only protect her from herself but also what was coming that could hurt her because of his business, and he was going to keep her, even if she thought she couldn't stay.

What I didn't love was (view spoiler). I also didn't love how Lilli was so competent, and she put herself in a situation that ended up being disastrous . 

I loved her connection to Len and Isaacs connection to Showdown. When Show's family was in trouble it was tough to read.

I enjoyed this book so much I dove right into the next bookBehold the Stars .

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