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Carnal Secrets  - Suzanne  Wright


I read a book a while ago, when I was introspective and trying to learn more about myself, that said most people only think about themselves in a conversation or a situation. Example; If you have an argument with someone, do you know what is happening from their day which could have caused them to react in a stronger or more emotional way? This story is an example of just that, and it was annoying to read.

Shaya has left the Phoenix Pack, thereby running away from Alpha Pack Leader, Nick Axton. When they both realized they were mates, he walked away from her and acted like he didn't know her. This hurt Shaya so badly she realized that because the Packs were friends, she would be around Nick and she couldn't take his disinterest. Six months later, he's found her and wants to make amends and make her understand that although he walked away when he first realized she was his mate, he's not going to walk away again. He will do what he has to for her to understand that he will always be there for her. 

But, Shaya never really asked Nick why he acted the way he did. I mean it kinda came up here and there, but she was so much more interested in her own feelings abandonment, she never really took the time to figure out what may or may not have happened to him to cause him to react the way he did when they first met. It took too long in the book and was annoying. It only came out in drips and drabs when others made her realize she was being a b**ch.

There is betrayal, conniving, backstabbing and mystery in this story, which is familiar in this series. It just wasn't enough for me to love it.

It was good to get some of Trey, Taryn, Dominic, Jamie and Greta again. They are always fun to read about, but Shaya and Nick kind of annoyed me and this one was a little boring for me. Kind of a bummer as I was looking forward to more of the series.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/855961865