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I'm a film/television producer and book scout. I'm always looking for book material to work with. I love film and television as well as reading. The best job in the world is being able to marry the two.
Howl For It - Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden


Like A Wolf With A Bone ~ If you want to know the back history of the Smith pack, then this is your story. How the Smith boys began their relationships and mated with the Lewis girls, specifically Egbert "Eggie" Ray Smith and Darla Mae Lewis. They will end up being the parents to Dee-Ann Smith from Big Bad Beast, Pride #6 . It was hilarious and sweet. One of my favorite parts of the book when Darla was asked if she was a polygamist instead of a pacifist. 

Wed Or Dead ~ This was intense. I wish it had been a bit longer just to get more of the backstory. But I really liked it. The hotness starts from almost the very beginning. Just after Gage and Kayla's wedding. They are both hiding secrets that could destroy them. Once they decide to work together, they may just help change the future.

I liked both. I wanted more of Gage and Kayla and it was fun to see how some of the patriarchs in the Smith Family got together and why their offspring are so crazy. I rarely give intro storylines more than a 4, which why it's straddling a bit.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/856733867