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The Beast in Him - Shelly Laurenston


When Bobby Ray Smith aka "Smitty" left home for the Navy, he left someone behind. A young wild dog shifter named Jessie Ann. Jessie Ann, how had the distinction of being Bobby Ray's sister, Sissy's, favorite punching bag. In fact most girls in town targeted Jessie Ann. Because female wolves did that, but mostly because she was a wild down in a town full of wolves.

Sixteen years later, Bobby Ray is working a job with his partner, Mace, only to discover that Jessie Ann is not only the Alpha to her Pack of over forty, but she's also the CEO of one of the fastest rising tech security company. She's made a lot of friends on her way up, she's well respected and it, basically out of Smitty's league. Everyone says it. But Bobby Ray is determined to make her his friend again. 

Jessie Ann is having none of it. In order to protect herself from being hurt again like she was when Bobby Ray left town, in essence leaving her behind, she fight her attraction and emotions, trying to keep him at arms length. The more he tries, the more he realizes there's more to their relationship than friendship and once steaming hot sex is involved, there is no going back for Bobby Ray. He wants to claim Jessie Ann, bud doesn't seem to know what to do when she keeps turning him down.

I love these books. Shelly Laurenston writes hysterically funny yet sexy characters. I loved when Sarah Morrighan and Zach Sheridan's show up. It made me want to read Pack Challenge, Magnus Pack, #1 again.

I also loved when Jessie Ann proves to both Sissy and Bobby Ray, she's not the same wild dog who runs away from a fight. She knows how to take care of herself and will go anything to protect the pups in the pack. 

Great fun. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/857791143