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Redeeming, Yeah!

Into the Storm - Susan Fanetti


This is the continuation almost ten moths after Behold the Stars . Showdown has been living, or barely living, from the bottom of a bottle. He stays at the clubhouse, because he can't bare even think about his home after what happened to his family. Shannon has gotten into a grove of living in Signal Bend and running the B&B for Lilli and Isaac. She's got a huge crush on Showdown, and is finally seeing little inklings that he may be receptive to the vibes she's putting out. But when he shuts her down again, she decides she has to let it go, calling an old flame from Tulsa, and the only one who knows why she moved from the big sitting to the small town of Signal Bend, to help a girl out after months of celibacy and pining after a sexy biker man.


The Moment Show see's Shannon with another guy, he starts to wake up a little. It's time to start his life and he wants to do it with his girls knowing him, if Holly will get over her hate and let him back in. He also wants Shannon, and the way to do that is to let her in and tell her about his life and how he got to where he is today. But Shannon has secrets as well. Show has to be patient again and wait for things to unfold to get the girl and the life he really wants.


This book totally redeemed what happened in the first two books, for me. I was really disappointed with the direction that author took with Lilli in Behold the Stars and almost didn't read this book. If it weren't for my BR with my girl Vianca, who loved the first two books, I may have never come back to this series. Boy am I glad I did. Although after the intense drama and craziness of the first two books, this I would consider extremely tame, even a bit anticlimactic. I thought Shannon was going to potentially bring more danger to the town, but she didn't. What she did bring was very mild. 

Showdown's memories of his Daisy aka "Daze", were heartbreaking. 


But the reason I'm giving this book 4.5 stars is because of Showdown. He was patient to the point of saintly. He was honest and direct. He was caring and loving. He was hot and sexy. He was the total package once he climbed his way out of his despair and misery, though it was understandable. He didn't push Shannon or even Holly, for that matter. Trying to get back into his "flower's" lives, at any cost, was beautiful. He never gave up. He did it in a way that let them know he wanted to be in their for them. 


I know I loved Showdown more than Isaac. I just swooned whenever there was a love scene between he and Shannon. I loved the way he loved her, as well as the way he fought to protect her. He was dominate yet subtle. It was a great combination. 


I'm now actually looking forward Alone on Earth , and more of the guys and their loves in Signal Bend.

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