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It's Okay

Hell's Knights - Bella Jewel


Addison is running from her life, from a world that has used and abused her. But is what she running to strong enough to protect from her past? Cade Duke, VP of the Hell's Knights, sees something he wants in the long lost daughter of Jackson, his President, and the man who saved him from his past. He just has to get beyond her tough exterior to the girl who needs him. 

When Addison finally gives into Cade, their chemistry if off the charts.


At the same time, Addison's past is catching up with her and someone from her present is all too thrilled to help it along.

I liked it, but I didn't love it. I have to say that the time period seemed to fly by. I mean one minute Addison has just arrived, then all of a sudden she's in deep with the MC's and talking about love. It just seemed the timespan didn't work. But I loved how Addison told it like it was. She had no room for not speaking the truth. She didn't trust easy either. Though her stubborns put her in jeopardy and she so easily didn't listen even when she knew she was in danger. But I can understand why she didn't tell Jackson everything up front. I didn't like how somehow Cade thought his story was much worse than hers. That was dumb. So hence my rating. Good and quick read, but not spectacular. Definitely not as good as a Reapers MC series or even what I ultimately liked in the Signal Bend series .

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/862572156