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The End of a Great Series... I Will Miss These Characters

Bite Me - Shelly Laurenston


Olivia "Livy" Kowalski has lost her creative edge. She's been working as the photographer for the Shifter Sports League, which her friend Toni, from Wolf With Benefits , got her. And something just doesn't feel right. Going against who and what she is, she has a steady job and an apartment. Its not until after her father's funeral when she runs into Vic Barinov that things start to change. 

Vic can't understand why Livy is the only person that doesn't irritate him. Even when she breaks into his house causing costly damage and eats all of his honey. 

He needs her for a job as they are still trying to find Whitlan, the full-human who was providing shifters for hunting expeditions. But when the results of that job put Livy in danger, Vic refuses to let her go it alone. They will find out who's protecting the full-human and killer her father. 

This was a bitter sweet ending to the seires. I fell it could go on longer with others finding love, but I get that sometimes its better to end on a high note than to fade away because the story has gone on too long.

I loved that Kyle and other members of the Jean-Louise Parker family came back. They are hysterical. I love how Vic and Bo, finally figured out how to co-exist and even become friends. I still don't like how Toni and Livy treat Blayne, but I guess not everyone can like her. I also loved how Vic and Livy connected. They were sweet. 

I think one of the best parts of this entire series for me beside the hilarity and the hot relationships, is how the author didn't worry about race. These characters had bigger fish to fry and I think that's what made it sweet to me. There are many ethnicities in the world and they come together in work and in play. I like that it was weaved into this story, but wasn't the focus.

Thanks Shelley for a great series. I look forward to other books from you!

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/701574988