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Layers  - Sigal Ehrlich

2.5 - 3 STARS

It wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either. I was expecting so much more from some of the great reviews, i'd previously read. I found the story pretty boring for the most part. I was confused almost from the beginning. The transitions from one thing to another jumped all over the place. I just found the writing tough to read as well as the storyline being very slow. Even the sexual encounters of the characters were quick and not much there. 

I mean I've read an entire book and only figured out that her father was a physician at the very end of the story when he asks her to come to his in office clinic to talk. I mean she spoke of her parents and never mentioned the man was a doctor. She and Daniel say they love each other, but they know very little about each other. He's reluctant to talk about much of his past other than his mother, and she's not spent much time with him doing anything other than having sex, which has lead to very little conversation about her family. 

There are also things that come out of nowhere and all of a sudden, like at the very end of the book, were we discover that Danielle's been involved in illegal fight clubs. Huh?

(show spoiler)

I also felt like this book was a combination of Fifty Shades, Crossfire and the Stark Trilogy, but with their more slow aspects.

There were some really funny moments, which made me laugh out loud. I often wish that some of the things she thought internally Hayley would say out loud and would make the story more interesting. These are the only reasons I didn't give it one star. Anyway, I read it quickly and that was one of it's few saving graces. 

I've been told that the second book gets better. I'm crossing my fingers, otherwise I will have wasted a lot of time reading this series.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/882951857