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Underestimated Too - Jettie Woodruff


It started off slow. But once I got into it, it got interest. I still don't like Drew. I think Morgan was a freaking doormat, although I understand that this was all she knew for the most part. I hated how long it took to resolve some issues with her family that could have been deal with in the first book. I also found this book a little easier to take than the first book, given the fact that I still can't seem to write the review for the first book. 

I loved ultimately where Dawson and Lauren end up. I think they deserve exactly what they got. This book didn't have half as many spelling and grammatical errors and I definitely think they writing improved. Its not easy to surprise me, but this author did. There was one thing I didn't catch on to right away, but did before it was confirmed in the book and one thing that shocked me like nothing else.

Anyway, I liked it for the most part. Aside from the fact that I didn't like the main characters and how they were with each other. I felt the author accomplished what she set out to do, which was make you very uncomfortable and like reading it at the same time.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/895256407