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Second Read

Lick  - Kylie Scott

** spoiler alert ** He looked to be in his mid-to-late twenties--a man, not a boy. He had long, dark hair falling past his shoulders and sideburns. His eyes were the darkest blue. They couldn't be real. Frankly, those eyes were overkill. 

"Wait a minute," he said watching me through narrowed eyes. "You're just messing with me, aren't you?
"I'm so sorry."
He physically recoiled from me. "Let me get this straight, you don't remember anything?"
"No," I said, swallowing hard. "What did we do last night?"
"We got fucking married," he growled.

I loved the drama. I loved the back and forth. Evelyn had a plan, but one night in Vegas changed all that. And once she spends time with David, she just can't walk away. Bandmates come between them, fans hate her and think she's breaking up the band. The only time they seem to be on the same page is when Mal, the drummer of the band, suggest's David take her to his home. Which turns out to be in Monterey, California.

"When you looked at me it felt..."
He cleared his throat. "I dunno. Doesn't matter."
"Yes , you do. And it does."
He groaned.
"Fuck's sake," he muttered, shifting around in the driver's seat all uncomfortable-like. "It felt real, okay? It felt right. I don't know how else to explain it."
I sat in stunned silence for a moment. "That's a good way to explain it."

David is himself when he is with Ev. She makes him feel like a normal guy. She tells him the truth and gives it to him straight. Even when she was drunk and didn't remember how they got married, she was still not impressed with who he was. She just liked how nice and sweet he was. But there is a hurt, self-involved rock star in there and when things don't go his way, David can throw a temper tantrum. Yet David can be oh so sweet to Ev. You suspect right away that he has deeper feelings than he's letting on. Only someone who really cares can be hurt so easily.

David's best friend and drummer in the band, Mal, is hysterical. Typical boy in a man suit, but with lots of money and the ability to get lots of girls, due to his Rock Star status. He is Ev's only ally when she's forced to go to California to get away from the paparazzi and deal with the marriage issues. Mal's attention, prompts a very jealous reaction from David. 

After learning David has lied to her about who Martha was to him, Ev can't handle the lies and the world he lives in. Being married to "Rock-N-Rolls favorite son," isn't easy and people are cruel to Ev at every turn. She just want's to get to know David, because she feels that being without him feels wrong.

David doesn't give up on her, though. And how he does it is kinda really sweet.

4.5 star. I really liked this book. The only reason I'm not giving it a full five stars is because there were quite a few grammatical and spelling errors. There were even moments where I had to reread the line or paragraph to figure out what the author really meant. With something this good, it should have been edited to within an inch of it's life.

Aside from that, there are so many quotes in this book that I could throw in this review. But then I would give away everything in the book. I just thought it was sweet and adorable. 

3.30.2014 SECOND READ

Still good the second time around. I wanted to read it before reading play and found it just as sweet. I had forgotten that David had offered Ev a job. I'm hoping that means she and David will be around in Play .

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/643756265