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I'm a film/television producer and book scout. I'm always looking for book material to work with. I love film and television as well as reading. The best job in the world is being able to marry the two.

UP IN THE AIR, #1 - Sexy Drama

In Flight - R.K. Lilley


When James Cavendish set his sights on Bianca, that was it for her. No matter how much she pushed him away or how many misunderstandings, he wasn't giving up on her. I loved how he fell and fell hard. This wasn't a man who had any intentions of being in a committed relationship with anyone. And he lived his life that way. He didn't care what he did because, as far as he was concerned, it could affect any relationship in the future, because he wasn't going to have one. That is until he met Bianca. 

Stephan was the most amazing best friend/brother. I loved his relationship with Bianca. He was her anchor. If it wasn't for him, I doubt she would ever have believed she could be loved by anyone. I loved how protective he was over her, even when he thought she was sabotaging herself. But when he thought James was making a mistake, he didn't hold back from making his presence known.

Some of the things James said to Bianca, I thought were hilarious. Like when he told her:

"Someday soon I'm going to tie you up and tease you just the way you're teasing me right now, with no hope of release for at least a night."

~ James

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/549370521