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I'm a film/television producer and book scout. I'm always looking for book material to work with. I love film and television as well as reading. The best job in the world is being able to marry the two.

UP IN THE AIR, #3 - Sexy Drama

Grounded - R.K. Lilley


This is where the courtship is in full bloom. Bianca is more confident in James' feelings for her. Though she finds it hard to express herself fully to him. But that all soon takes a backseat to the drama in their friends lives, Lana, Jackie, Stephan & Javier and Danika & Tristan. Bianca also connects with her half brother and tries to form a relationship with him, even against James' hesitation.

But soon an old danger catches up with them and James almost looses Bianca for a second time. He doesn't know how to deal the feeling of being out of control. But his love shines bright and clear. She has no choice in this anymore. She loves him and wants to spend her life with him. She has a new career and so do Stephan and Javier, thanks to James. 

They are all a family and it's so beautiful how it ends. I can't wait to read Mr. Beautiful .

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/679519367