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Heaven's Sinners - Bella Jewel


Danny aka "Spike" is still in town after the event from Hell's Knights . His only goal is to seek revenge for his wife's death at the hands for MC/drug dealer Hogan. The only problem is that his wife Cheyenne's sister, Ciara won't leave him alone. Ciara is determined to make amends for how she treated Spike after his wife's death. She knows there's a good man down deep, since she was friends with Danny, way before he met her sister, who went after him just to take him from Ciara.

Danny is not only mad at Ciara for taking her parents side against him when Cheyenne died, but also because he loved her before he even knew her sister, but felt that Ciara had friend zoned him and he didn't know she had been in love with him.

I didn't dislike this book as much as Hell's Knights , but I didn't love it either. For me, the author spent too much time having these characters go round and round about who did what to who first. They both didn't tell each other how they really felt. They both lost time with each other because Ciara thought she would make a fool of herself and possibly lose his friendship if she told him how she really felt and he thought all women should come after him, which I thought was ridiculous. 

I also don't like how the author makes these women so weak. I know that Ciara was used to being second best in her family's eyes, but the first time someone yelled at me or called me names like Spike does with her, I would walk away. There was no reason for anyone to know that he was trying to push her way because he really cared, but wanted to do this revenge thing. She should have had more self respect. She found it with her family, she should have found it with him. At every turn he did something to let her know she wasn't her sister until he didn't. Which was a total 180 out of nowhere. 

What I did like was when Ciara showed her spunk. She found it in different ways and that was kind of fun. I also loved her relationship with Cade, Jackson and Addison. The sex in the book was really hot as well. I loved that they were both a little kinky and discovered that with each other. 

I'm going to finish what I have of this series and read book #3, which I've been told is better. They do seem to get better and better. Not by much in my opinion, but they are very quick reads for me and I'm willing to give it another shot.

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