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Sweet and Sexy, yet really Sad!

Alone on Earth - Susan Fanetti


This is the fourth book in the Signal Bend series and it was fantastic. I almost loved Bart as much as I loved Show and for very different reasons. Bart Elstad. Bart was different from the other Horde. He had a collage degree, wasn't from Signal Bend (although his father was from there, therefore he'd had family from there), liked comic books and video games and was the one who suggested they rebuild the town by letting the movie be made about them. Pulling the Horde out of the illegal things they were doing and building the town into something more legitimate. He was also a big fan of Riley Chase, the actress hired to play Lilli, in the film version of their story.

Bart was sweet, almost shy in his way. He felt bad for missing that Shannon had a child she gave up for a adoption, thereby bringing more drama to the town. So he wanted to prove that he wasn't a screwup by taking care of the "Hollywood" talent while they were in town. What he never expected was his immediate connection to actress Riley Chase. 


Riley had been an actress since she was four years old. People took care of her needs and told her what to do and where to go every day. At twenty-six years old, she was tired of it. But she wasn't quite sure how to go about taking control of her own life. Going to Signal Bend was just the opportunity she needed to figure out who she was without her Mom-ager (mother/manager), her trainer, and the paparazzi all over her about her dead, drug-addict boyfriend. What she never expected was to find the sexy hot nerd in biker named Bart. 

They fall for each other fast. Riley and Bart's chemistry was off the charts from the moment they met. But soon there's danger and Bart can't think of anything but getting Riley out of town in oder to help the Horde fend of the their supposed allies, the Scorpions. At the same time, there are internal forces at work to bring down the Horde and all the officers are shocked with one of their own commits the ultimate betrayal. 




It's only at Bart's sacrifice that the Horde is saved. His new life, which now includes Riley is so different from what he loved and knew in Signal Bend. But together, they figure out how to make things work.

I loved this book. I read it quickly and without much sleep, because I couldn't put it down. The only reason I didn't give it a full 5 stars are in the spoiler section, so read at your own risk.

1. How they let C.J. stay away from the Keep during meetings for so long and not get in his shit was beyond me. The author makes Isaac and the Horde look stupid by doing this. They've had so many troubles in the past, even from within, that they should have been more on guard and gotten C.J. straight right away. I know the author did it for effect, but this leads me to issue #2.

2. if you are going to have this whole build up of C.J. missing after betraying the Horde, why can't we read about what happens as it happens. I mean one moment Isaac is telling Bart to deal with his girl, who stupidly comes back to the compound after Bart tells her its dangerous and she needs to go home (which will be my issue #3). But he's talking to her and it couldn't have been that long and the next thing you know Isaac's been shot. When did he leave the compound? How did they decide to go to Isaacs house? Because later Bart's internal dialogue talks about them figuring out where C.J. is and he'd parked his bike not far from the house. I was just all kind of confused about this and how it was sort of glossed over.

3. I dislike how Susan writes her females sometimes. For the most part they are great. Strong, independent, even if a little bit flawed. But when they do something stupid, they really do something stupid. I mean Bart tells her "we will figure it out," when Riley asks to see him before she leaves. He tells her it's too dangerous, and what does she do? She rents a car and drives right up to the clubhouse like it's nothing. Yes, I know she's not from that world, but come on! No one can be that stupid. Also, she sparred with Lilli. She had to have some moves, but she used none at all when Shiv grabbed her.

4. Finally, although it's a plot point and not as egregious as the other issues I found with the story, I hated to see Bart have to leave the Horde. That was so sad to me, I cried. Although I knew he had to get to California for the story so he could be with Riley, I really loved him and his connection to the guys. He was one of them and yet not from there. He'd grown in each book and I hated the goodbye.

(show spoiler)


So the spoilers are over and so is my griping. But it's testament to how much I actually liked this book that I gave it so many stars putting aside my issues with the story and the characters. It was a great read and I feel the author is improving with each book.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/877594732