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Sweet Alpha Males... Yes, Please!

Under Locke - Mariana Zapata


This wasn't your typical MC book, but I really liked it. Dex has anger issues, which is the reason he's an ex-con. But when his fellow MC brother, Sonny asks him to give his half sister, Iris, a job as his receptionist, he doesn't give her the warmest welcome.

Iris has had some hard breaks growing up. Her father, also Sonny's father walked out on her and her family when she was ten. Her mother died when she was a teenager and her grandmother who took over raising her and younger brother, Will, died when she was just 18. Iris "Ris" and "Ritz" had to raise Will until he took for the Army. Ritz had to rely on the kindness of her older half bother, Sonny, when she lost her job and needed to begin again. 

Iris is shocked at how rude and aggressive Dex is when she first meets him and is determined not to interact with him any more than she has to. Even when he decides to apologize, which isn't easy for him. 

Dex can't seem to stay away from Iris. He seems to want to be her protector. When past family issues threaten Iris and Sonny's peaceful existence, it's Dex who stands by her and protects her along with other members of the Widows.

I thought this book was really sweet. I loved how Iris was so sheltered to an extent and didn't even curse unless she was pushed far enough. I get that for certain reason, she didn't like negativity in her life. I loved how she didn't understand when things changed for Dex towards her. Don't get me wrongs, Dex was full on Alpha. But, Iris didn't let him get away with anything. She was actually one of the few who could calm him down when he went off the rails. Unless it was at her, which was always funny once she responded.

I haven't read a real romance like this in a while and thought it adorable.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/878169608