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Captive in the Dark  - C.J. Roberts



I think my heart was in my throat from the first moment I started reading this book. I was so scared and sad for Livvie. She was emotionally abused as a child and now used physically and mentally by a man who's emotions had been cauterized by his own harsh life. How two men, Caleb and Rafiq can have so much hatred for someone who destroyed their lives, yet not realize or care they were becoming the thing the sought to destroy. People who could destroy someone else's life in their quest for vengeance is beyond me. How they or Caleb can justify what he's doing was tough to read. 

But I've been on the edge of my seat since the moment I started reading the book. I can't wait to dive into the next installment.

The Good: Anticipation factor is off the charts. Learning little things about each of their lives, which brought them to this point is amazing. I love Livvie's spirit and spunk. Once she works it all out, she doesn't close up into a ball, she comes up with a plan, not knowing if it will be effective and work, but she knows she has to fight, if only internally, in order to survive. She's always had to and she will continue to do so.

The Bad: Not much. I was ticked at Livvie for how they first meet, but I get that she had no real compass when it came to people because of how she was treated.

But I was also pissed she didn't  take the gun when she ran away from Caleb. That made no sense to me.

(show spoiler)


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