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Epilogue  - C.J. Roberts


This book was very different from the first two books. We find Livvie living in Spain going to University and living under the name of Sophia Cole. It's been a year since she took some time to travel the world, using the money Caleb left for her. She's been feeling like she's being watched and has just informed Agent Reed when she gets a mysterious note. She immediately knows who is from.

This story is from James' POV. James Cole was the little boy who was kidnapped from his mother at the age of five and sold into sexual slavery in Tehran. This same boy became Caleb. But things aren't smooth when he finally is back in Livvie's life. Caleb has a lot to atone for. Not only does he feel that Livvie deserves it, but he does as well. Livvie has a life and friends and Caleb only knows one way of living. He wants to be with her all the time.

They spend time talking to each other about how he chose her to kidnap, their time together when she was his captive before she told him she loved him, their time apart and how he found her. Those conversations don't always go well. 

"No!" She was on a roll. Her eyes screamed of crazy. "It's perfect! I'll leave school and cut my friends out of my life. Then you can have me all to yourself! You can keep me in your dark little room and fuck me stupid. You can own me. It's what you want, isn't it?"

~ Livvie aka Sophia


And sometimes that turned him on...

Did her words hurt? Yes. But they also excited me. My dick was hard and a familiar thrumming thudded in my ears. I wanted a fight. I needed a fight. I was sick and tired of playing nice. I AM NOT NICE!

~ Caleb aka James

there were very funny moments from Caleb trying to be a normal person...

"Do you even notice how women look at you, Caleb? James. Whatever. You're just... you're fucking beautiful is what you are." 

"Handsome. I'm handsome. And no, I don't notice. I'm too busy looking at you. Or using my carefully cultivated death-stare to threaten any man stupid enough to set eyes on you.

~ Livvie and Caleb conversation.


He didn't know how to handle things like a normal guy or boyfriend. He invaded her privacy by breaking into her laptop to read the book she'd been writing. He didn't have a job, so he spent his days waiting for her to come home. It took him time to learn to like her friends and spend time effectively by himself.

I loved the effort he put into giving Livvie the space she needed to trust and love him again. He had to learn to be a normal person as well and not always want to go for the jugular when someone angered him. He eventually became friends with her friends and learned to love the new Livvie and understand that he made her who she was sexually and that their shared past had to be worked through. 



This was funny, sweet and SEXY as hell all at the same time. My heart broke for both of them as they had so many things to work through. Caleb understood that part of what Livvie had to work through was due to him. and he gave her the space to do it. He also fought with her, learning that they were changing, their relationship was different and to figure out how to be with each other in a healthy way.

Fantastic series. I'm so glad I read it. I am looking forward to more from Ms. Roberts.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/566429409