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The Will - Kristen Ashley



Josie is poised and a little stand-offish. After living the past twenty-three years as the personal assistant to famed photographer, Henry Gagnon, and traveling the globe several times.


She's back in Maine to take care of things after her Gran has passed. Before she can get back to her jet-setting life there's the reading of the will, where she finds out Gran had befriended Jake Spear, three time married and divorced single father of three (Conner, Amber and Ethan) and has "given" her to him in that will. 

Jake is stunning, big, muscular, blue eyes and intense. She knows the kind of woman he likes and it's not her. He's a business owner and former boxer. 




Now, they both know that no one can own another person, but that doesn't stop Jake from doing exactly what Lydie wanted him to do. So when Jake tells her she's not his type, she opens up enough to let him comfort her during her grief and let him be a friend. 


But soon Josie's falling for Jake and Jake can't stand to know that the other men in her life are finally coming to realize they want her and could loose her. 


Josie is not only falling in love with Jake, but his family. The kids Conner and Amber have issues from a neglectful mother and Josie tries to advise them. Ethan's mother is just absent. And now she no longer wants to leave Maine. 

Ex-wives, ex-boss, ex-lovers, ex-family all descend on the couple to make things difficult, but they weather the storm until a little white lie lands them in trouble. 

I loved this book. Jake was the best Alpha Male KA has written in a long time. He was sweet and caring, slowly moving Josie into the relationship he wanted. But when he was ready for her to know exactly what he wanted from her, he had no problem telling her straight out.

"Panties off, Josie."



I loved how Jake was with his children...

"Lesson," Jake said gently. "Man's got the power to break a woman's heart. Women have their own power. Learn this and in future, choose better."

~ Jake to Conner. 

I loved some of the peripheral characters, like; Micky Donovan, Coert, the Sherrif, and Dee-Amond. Who I wouldn't mind reading their stories if they had them. I also loved the budding relationships between the kids

Conner and Sophie (Alyssa and Junior's daughter) and Amber and Alexi, although we didn't get much of him

(show spoiler)

and could handle a book with their stories. The Taylors were hysterical and great friends to Amber.

There was very little I didn't like about this book. Took a minute to get going, but once it did there was no turning back. 

I have to say that I love the fact that KA has gone back to her roots of telling a full story with full characters, even the peripherals with not all that editing done to keep it under a certain amount of pages. This worked because its her style of bringing us fully into a characters world. That world with friends, enemies and family, that we've all come to love, and had been missing in the last couple of books. At least for me. Those books had seemed rushed and there was nothing rushed about this book. It was like I was one of their friends, witnessing what was happening and that's what I want when I read a KA book. I want to be around my friends. 

I can't wait to read more from this series and I hope its soon.

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