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Kristen Ashley Love!

Play it Safe - Kristen Ashley


Ivey Bailey and her brother Casey are in the small town of Mustang, Colorado. Ivey wants to leave as soon as possible because she knows this is the type of town she's always thought could be a place she could settle and the guy are the bar, Grayson "Gray" Cody, is a guy she could fall for, if she didn't Play it Safe

But she doesn't play it safe. You see Ivey has a special talent.


When the town rich guy and bully bets Ivey he can beat her, she takes the bet reluctantly. He doesn't like that she's immune to his charms and seems to favor Cody. When he decides to pay her back, it's Gray Cody who has Ivey's back.

Gray is the towns favorite son. He's good personified. He always does the right thing, to the point of running the family orchard and horse farm after his father's death due to a car accident, which cost his grandmother her legs. Gray also cares for and lives with his grandmother. He's a true cowboy.


Gray and Ivey fall in love fast and hard, but soon they are torn apart by those who with their own agendas. 

Three years later, Ivey is headlining in Vegas in a Burlesque show, when she looks up and sees Gray and his friends in the audience. 

He says some nasty things to her, but she's built a wall around her heart... or so she thinks. Until the town draws her back in. 

When she finds out Gray is in trouble. She with her posse in tow, return to Mustang where she and Gray discover that they were torn apart by a lie. Now they have a chance and its up to them to take advantage of it. She trades in her designer life she she loves in, even though it's a lie, and returns to what should have been.

Trading her Manolo's in for cowboy boots.

Ivey and Gray have to fight her brother, the town bully, who seven years later is still going at them trying to destroy what they have. But they are older and stronger and in love and not willing to lose each other again.

This was so good. I loved it. I loved the timeline and how it all played out. I loved how sweet Ivey was and who she was even when her life conspired against her. Gray was the epitome of the best guy anyone could ever meet. He worked hard, took care of his family, his legacy, his heritage, and would fight for the honor of someone he didn't even know. He helped Ivey find what she always wanted.

Lash and Brutus aka Freddie were her friends and they were good guys. Never taking advantage of her, which she was used to. To the point that when she decided to go back to Mustang, to a town where people turned on her when they didn't know she had been played, they took her back and went with her and helped her help them. Everyone could use friends like that.

The only not so great thing is that it dragged in a couple places with descriptions of things, but all in all it was still fantastic. 

KA is so awesome. I am on a mission to read everything she's written.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/915117337