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UP IN THE AIR, #2 - Sexy Drama

Mile High (Up In The Air #2) - R.K. Lilley


In this installment, James' past comes back to haunt him and causes Bianca to take a little break from him. Which kills him. But then his presence in her life also puts her in danger. When she's hurt because of his prying into her past, he's beside himself.

Although I believe he was falling in love with her before, this is where he knows he loves her because he's almost lost her twice so close together.

I love how accepting he is of her relationship with Stephan and how he got rid of the horrible housekeeper. Though he is crazy possessive of Bianca, he's never that way when it comes to she and Stephan. I love how Bianca was protective of Stephan when it came to Javier. She wanted him happy, but she never wanted him to be hurt by any of his relationships.

I loved how James tarted using Stephan's nickname of 'Buttercup' when talking to her. I can also understand how Bianca's past brought her to be the perfect partner for James.

This one was a lot more serious than the first installment as well as dragging a little bit. Though I like this series, this definitely felt like the bridge between the first and the last book, setting us up for all the drama to come.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/679519213