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TRISTAN & DANIKA, #2 - Sooo Sad

Rock Bottom - R.K. Lilley


Where as the middle book in The Up In The Air series felt like a bridge (informational) book, this book held its own and did so much better than the first. It had first loves, first blush, falling apart. 

After his loss, Tristan starts to spiral out of control and continues to do so and his losses are compounded. Danika tries to do everything she can in order to help him, but she starts to realize she's being dragged down with him. Tristan starts to distance himself from Danika and she doesn't know how to help him in his grief and addictions. Once things reach a pinnacle, Danika decides that she needs to take care of herself and breaks away from Tristan.

But again, things have happened which brings her to Tristan's door to try and make amends. But he's so far gone he can't hear her. Sending her away and strait into danger.

This book was heart wrenching for me. These two went through so much. I kept wondering through the first book and most of this book, how Danika could thing that Tristan didn't love her. Which is what she said to James and Bianca both in The Up In The Air series. Once I got through this book, I understood how she could feel that way. I'm teaching up even thinking about all they went through while writing this review. 

I loved how obsessive Tristan was of Danika. He was crazy jealous. But now I understand all the ribbing Tristan did to James in the other series. Because in this series, which is six years earlier and at the very beginning of them getting to know each other. James didn't understand how Tristan kept getting into trouble when he would get jealous and freak out over Danika. 

I'm writing the reviews after reading the entire series. It took me so long to get over this series as a whole. I haven't read anything since that has made me feel as connected to the characters. I didn't want it to end.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/946419384