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Ruined  (Ethan Frost #1) - Tracy Wolff


ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review. 

Hmmmm... I liked the beginning of this book, but it seemed to drag on like crazy. By the time I got to about 60% of the book, I felt the overwhelming need to skim the rest of it. 

The relationship between Ethan and Chloe starts out really fast. I don't even know what it is he sees in her. I mean the author never really explains if it's her looks, her personality, the fact that the argued with him when they first met. Does she seem strong or fragile to him? I just don't get it. He's known as a playboy to an extent, so what is his attraction to Chloe. 

I also thought the overt bullying by her fellow interns and even her boss was a strange storyline that didn't go anywhere. I thought maybe Rick was going to sabotage her or maybe find out about her past and tell Ethan, before she was able to. Something, it just seemed anticlimactic for the most part. They didn't like her because of the boss. Who cares?... Unless they are going to do something about it. 

Love the crazy friend/roommate, Tori. Made me laugh when Chloe helped her color her hair and thought she looked liked she'd fallen into a big of Skittles.

I knew early on what the connection was going to be between Ethan and Chole's past. Something just told me what it was and it just felt predictable. Also the insta love happened way too quickly. I mean they basically knew each other for about a week or two before the went away on business. Now all of a sudden she's telling him she's in love with him? That's just too fast for me.

It also felt like the author didn't know if she wanted Ethan to be into D/s, BDSM or just an alpha male. I mean, the chain was like a collar? And what does Chole know about collars, since he only sexual experience to date hadn't been a good one? Too many unanswered questions.

I am interested in reading the second book, mostly because I want Brandon and her parents to get what's coming to them and I'm hoping that's the point of the second book.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/762614034