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TEAR ASUNDER, #2 by Nashoda Rose

Overwhelmed by You - Nashoda Rose

ARC provided by author through NetGalley for an honest review. 


Kat and Ream were thrown together because of the relationship between Logan aka Sculpt and Emily. First as friends when Emily and Logan first went missing. Ream was there to help Kat with the farm. And once both Emily and Logan were back and together, things quickly went south for Kat and Ream. Misunderstandings, half truths, lies and deceptions with each other and from outside sources would conspire to keep them apart. But only their love and self sacrifice for the other, would pull them through the darkest times either of them would ever know, learning to trust that the they would both do anything to keep the other safe.

I liked this one, not as much as the first book and the prequel. Maybe because the stakes didn't seem as high as they felt with what happened to Logan and Emily. I often thought that although Kat and Ream both had their demons and I started to suspect what Ream's were due to the openings in each chapter. But still, the connection between the two wasn't as intense and the danger didn't seem as acute.

That doesn't mean I didn't like it, because I did very much. I knew that the misdirection of what we thought was going on with Kat couldn't be what the author was alluding to and I was so happy yet sad at the same time. I also freaked out when, out of nowhere Kat was thrown into some troubles.

Ream was so sad. He had some many strikes against him that would have thrown any man. But her persevered and you have to admire him for surviving his childhood.

I loved reading about all of the bandmates again, though we got more about Crisis than Kite. Looking forward to the story about Deck and Georgie.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/913419301