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WHITE COLLARED, Part 1: MERCY by Shelly Bell

White Collared Part One: Mercy - Shelly Bell


It took me a moment to get into the authors way of writing. At first if fluxed between first person and third person narrative, and back. And it was hard to figure out who was narrating the story. But finally it started to come from Kate aka Katerina. I like the mystery. I was shocked by the skanky ex-best friend. But I am also thrown by Kate's inability to figure herself out. I think if I knew more about her background and what the author is alluding to what happened to her as a teen, I would get how she could be drawn to and basically kiss two different men, who are friends, one of them suspected of murder.

I'm definitely looking forward for finding out what happens in the next installment.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/950026299